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ALL Drum Majors have the same problems!
Welcome to the top. It get's lonely up here!! It's alright though. When the other band members are looking up the podium, all they're gonna see is your rear end. xD So feel free to rant, complain, submit, ask, or just talk. Welcome, Drum Majors!
Marching is the adjective, band is what we do.
Doug Armstrong, High School Band Director, August 28, 2013 (via just-a-bookish-girl)

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Weird Question: Do you and your fellow drum majors take off your hats when conducting for half-time,competitions, etc.? At our school only the Head DM does, but I was going to run it across my BD if we could change it to all three of us taking our hate off. It's a weird thing to ask, but conducting with a hat on seems kind of a hassle.
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In high school, we didn’t have hats. In college, our drum majors (and I am not one right now) wear this really awesome like… Black Knight kind of thing (Heh heh, get it, because we’re the Knights?) with a cape and a hood. and the hood has this like.. thing to cover their faces. They’ve gotta be dying in those things, lemme tell ya. anyway, they start pregame wearing the hoods, but when they go to conduct they take the hoods and the masks off. I’ve never known a school that made their DMs conduct with hats or shakos on, because that would be a hassle. It’s harder to see that way. so yeah, I would defintely run that by your director. 

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So I got picked to be a drum major for my school's band, but I have this close friend that wanted the position for the longest time, but I got it instead. He complained to our band director and told all his friends (which some are also mine too) that our band director made a terrible choice and how I'm going to do a bad job and that he's "more qualified" and it just makes me really scared that 1 he's gonna give me a hard time during the marching season and 2 that I will screw up like he said😔
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Rule number 1: Accept that there will always be haters. There will always be someone out there who is going to watch very carefully so that when you fail, they can scream “I told you so” at the top of their lungs. 
Rule number 2: be the better person. Don’t pay mind and don’t let anything hold you back. You will make mistakes because you are human, and that’s nothing to be ashamed about. The thing I’ve learned about that, though, is that you can learn from your mistake, and make sure that you’re the first person to point it out. Taking ownership is the first step to proving that you are taking responsibility and that you know what you’re going to do to fix it. And that way, if you point it out first, no one will be able to exploit it.

This is going to be my third year as drum major, and something that I ALWAYS keep in my drum major bag for games and competitions is black and white electrical tape for gloves and sticks. I was curious to see what some of your essentials were?
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Um. Well Im almost embarrassed to say that when I was a drum major everything was taken care of for me. We had a really supportive and helpful booster board and so things like that were never part of my job. However, I know that we had a bin full of things like that, and a tub full of extra flip folders with music in case someone forgot those (for like a game)

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I was taking a shower and it's like 11:30. Halfway through I realized that *gulp* I left my mace outside. I ran out of the shower, left the water running, threw on a towel, ran outside and grabbed my mace. Got my baby back safe and sound! Such a drum major problem...
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I'm about to go to UMass Amherst for their DMA and I'm super nervous and scared. I've never been and I don't think my senior drum Major is going. My Mom says I'm over reacting, but I'm genuinely terrified and kind of don't want to go. Have you ever been there? If so, is it as strict as they make it seem? (Likebeing sent home if you don't wear your name tag.)
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I’ve never been to UMass, but I did go to a drum major camp and the best thing I can tell you is that you just need to follow the rules and you should be fine. Drum Major camps are leadership camps, and they definitely test your ability to lead, but also your ability to be a follower. So my suggestion is that you just make sure you follow the rules and make friends and you should have nothing to worry about. don’t be scared, because there’s literally nothing ot be scared about.

Ok so I'm the head drum major and my brother literally informed me yesterday that his wedding would be the 12th of September, which is a Friday night during football season...I am not even sure I can get out of band for it and I'm afraid to ask...I already tried to get my brother to move it a week later on our bye week but he won't budge...
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Well, in all honesty, I would go to my brother’s wedding. I would beg and plead with my director to let me off for that one game. Marching band is a temporary thing, but your brother is going to be your brother for life, and you’ll be disappointed in yourself, and he’ll be disappointed in you if you miss his big day. 

Story time:
Some months ago I informed you guys that I was announced leadership in my Marching band, but in a separate post, I told you guys that my grandbig got drum major for my marching band!
Well that post didn’t actually post and has been sitting in the drafts for all this time and now he feels like I forgot him.
So here’s a big Congratulations to one of my best friends/my grandbig for being named Drum Major for the MKs!!! <3

Hey so, in case you were curious, my Big Sister is one of the drum majors for the Blue Devils, and I’m really proud of her. :)

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I'm a newbie assistant drum major. If the head dm isn't available then I take over. One day my director asked me to get everyone ready so I was telling everyone to get in their seats because we were about to start then I was told that by a couple members that "I'm not their drum major" and "they don't have to listen to me." They said that in front of everyone and I felt like crap especially when the others started to ignore me. That wasn't the first time and I just don't know what to do.
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Tell your director about it, and make sure that he makes it very clear that your words are his words, and you need to be respected and listened to.